Jubilee Barbecue Competition

Win Signed Copies of Food & Fire and Skewered by Marcus Bawdon

As many of you know I attended UK BBQ School a week or so ago hosted my the man himself, Marcus Bawdon ably assisted by the lovely Susan Stoneman. Whilst there Marcus signed some of his books for us and we are going to give a signed copy of both Food & Fire and Skewered away to the lucky winner of our Queens Jubilee Celebration running from 2nd June to 9th June.


So what do you have to do? It's simple, I mean literally cook something simple like burgers, wings, pork steaks, beef steaks, kebabs, something that does not involves a ten hour cook as we seem to be getting hung up on cooking briskets & ribs and forgetting that barbecuing is about being outside with family and friends and eating delicious food.


Is it really that simple? No of course not, what Chris, myself and Marcus (yes the man himself has agreed to be on the judging panel) are going to look for in the winning entry is what you did differently and we want you to present it like you were giving it to the Queen. It could taste awful, we will never know but if it looks good and you gave it an unusual twist you could be the proud owner of signed copies of our UK BBQ Guru’s best sellers to inspire you as they do me to cook better food.

Marcus Books.png

How do you enter? Put your entries on or after 2nd June to 9th June on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ProPitmaster using #jubileebbqshack or email your entries if you are not on Facebook to info@thebbqshack.co.uk and we will judge the entries based on what you have done differently, even if only slightly different from the norm and the presentation of the barbecued food, make it look fit for our Queen.


Have fun with this guys, include the family to come up with ideas that you could do, my daughter instantly came up with several things that we may do ourselves (don’t worry, we can’t enter the competition) and cook some nice food…..outside!


Good luck and remember to post your entries up between 2nd & 9th June to qualify, so you have a few days to get practising!