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A Grill With A Difference

It's one of the "Great Debates", diesel or petrol, jam first or cream first, Labour or Conservative, gas or charcoal! Yes it is that hotly contended. Well Char-Broil in their wisdom have created a grill that does both. Ladies and gentleman I give you the Char-Broil Gas2Coal barbecue.

I get why some people want the convenience and the ease of gas, I had one once, for a season but them missed the flavour offered by charcoal and went back to a charcoal fired barbecue. Having said that there were definitely times when a gas grill would have been more convenient, especially for those quick cooks on a warm summers evening. So when Char-Broil offered to supply us with a Gas2Coal barbecue for us to do demonstrations and video content on I obviously accepted their kind offer.

The big advantage to this system is the speed in which it lights your charcoal so if you want to use charcoal you can get cooking on it quicker. I also like the fact that I can use a rotisserie with either gas or charcoal making this in my opinion one of the most versatile barbecues available today.

So for the first cook I put the charcoal tray on, put charcoal into the tray and light the gas. It took less than five minutes for the charcoal to get up to enough heat to keep itself going and another five minutes to get up to cooking heat. On this occasion I did start cooking a bit sooner than I normally would but that's the joy of retail, we have customers to look after so the cooks have to take second place and they don't always go to plan. Anyway, I did get the charcoal going and I did cook the sausages and toast the baguette and ended up with a delicious sandwich.

On top of the convenience of a two in one system Char-Broil also offer a range of add on accessories for their barbecues called Gear Trax. The range includes a tool holder, a bottle holder, a combo kit and some tool hooks and each Char-Broil barbecue in their Gas & Performance (charcoal grills) comes with pre-drilled holes that accept the Gear Trax range of accessories. This definitely makes it very easy to customise your grill, and every backyard pitmaster needs to customise their grill.

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