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A Quick BBQ

So the benefit of having a small kamado is they take just a few minutes to get going and you can hot smoke / grill just a small amount and do it all outside in your shack. So this evenings cook was an impromptu cook utilising what I had available whilst NOT cooking something boring. I had sausages, bacon, cooked squid, cheese and as always we had macaroni in the cupboard.

So I thought Mac n Cheese with a delicious twist. Smoked the sausages and bacon then put squid in a small skillet (you need skillets) dosed with lemon juice the Angus & Oink Fools Gold (love that rub and we still have some left) whilst wifey did the inside stuff ( sexist comments on the way) and cooked the macaroni, beat the eggs, grated the cheese and made the sauce with a few extra ingredients such as mustard powder, sea salt and I think arsenic.

Anyway added the mac, sauce, sausage, bacon and heated up squid mix (on the kamado of course) and put it in a cast iron Dutch Oven then bunged it in the oven for 20 mins at 180 C. Then added grated cheddar on top for a further 10 mins and topped off under the grill.

A tasty meal in 45 minutes that sooo easily could have been boring, not all barbecue needs to be done low & slow!

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