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Breakfast Barbecue

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Barbecue is not just burgers at dinner time or sausages for lunch. It's for whenever you are hungry and we all know cooking outside is better! So yesterday I bought some mushrooms, onions and a red pepper to go along with the left over sausages from the last cook to make an omelette, just one eggs! Bird flu seems to have led to an inconsistent supply of fresh eggs, hey ho. This morning however I did get eggs, and maybe some bacon!

First thing was to uncover the Monolith junior and knock out the ash from the previous cook, I then added a bit more charcoal and light the barbecue using two Big K Woodies. Then back inside to beat six eggs, add a splash of milk and a bunch of fresh ground salt and pepper. I then skinned the sausage, peeled and sliced an onion, took two sides of the red pepper and chopped, then skinned and sliced half a dozen mushrooms and cut up three rashers of bacon together into thick strips. The stage is set.

Once the temperature of the Monolith was up I placed one of our 8" cast iron skillets onto the Monolith Junior to heat up. With the barbecue running around 200 C I added two scoops of butter to prevent the eggs from sticking, then added the eggs, pepper, sausage, onions, mushrooms and bacon, then of few more peppers because why not. This was a good looking breakfast omelette.

I cooked the omelette for around 8 minutes, putting a lid on the skillet at around 6 minutes just to ensure that the top of the omelette was cooked. I then putt the omelette on a plate and served, it didn't last long so I will assume that everyone liked it!

Thanks for reading and watching, please comment or send an email to and let me know if there is anything that you would like me to cook.

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