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Fancy A Cuppa?

To be fair I would normally associate this phrase with asking if you would like a cup of tea, which is a drink that poor people and Northerners are forced to drink (I'm just kidding, I know other people drink tea as well) so really the question should have been, fancy an espresso, americano, lungo, cortado, latte, cappuccino, mocha, mochalatte, cappulatte, need I go on?

So what has all this got to do with barbecue? For many of us, everything. Whilst cooking many pitmasters love a beer, especially our cousins from across the pond, that is if you can actually call Miller Light beer (see I'm offending everyone in this article, no favourites here) and many of us appreciate a proper cup of some espresso based coffee after we have finished cooking and eating.

Now just like when we make a masterpiece on our barbecue or smoker many of us like to dabble in changing the profile of our coffee, adjusting the throw size, grind size, brew ratio, head pressure, water temperature, the list goes on and we also like to have a plethora of accessories and upgrades to help us achieve that. So with this in mind we decided to add Italian espresso based coffee machines, accessories and coffees from Gaggia of Milan to our range of products here at the Barbecue Shack.

If this is something that you have been thinking about getting into we can help. We can talk you through coffee styles to suit your pallet, grinds, shot throw ratios, equipment that is best suited to you and get you drinking the best coffee you ever had alongside the best food you have ever eaten. If you want to just press a button and get any one of eight different coffees out without the faff (then you have obviously bought a Traeger from us) we can help with that as well, you just need one of our Auto-machines. We will also be operating a coffee subscription service so if you are into that call in and taste our coffees so that we can get your best espresso coffee to you on a monthly or quarterly basis. Take a look at what we have coming in (if it's not in by the time you read this drivel) and visit

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