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Fries With That?

I'm always banging on whilst in the shop about not forgetting the simple cooks when barbecuing. We aspire so much to cook that perfect brisket or those tender ribs that we forget that there is nothing wrong with quick cooks on the barbie. This evening I grilled four steaks on the Monolith Junior and served them up with some fries, mushrooms & onions and homemade slaw and it was bloody lovely.

The secret to a decent steak is simple, bring them up to room temperature, give each side a sprinkling of flaked sea salt (flakes dissolve in easier) letting one side dissolve before flipping and salting the other side THEN once the salt has melted give just one side a thin coating of garlic powder (powder not granules) and let that dissolve.

It is then best to sear each side of the steak over red hot coals for ninety seconds to two minutes a side to get that lovely char on them and to seal the moisture in and then cook them indirectly (away from and not over the direct heat) until the desired internal temperature is reached, in my case this is 52C. You then need to rest the steaks for ten minutes or so, the temperature will rise to around 55C and you have a perfect, juicy, tender medium rare steak.

Whilst resting the steaks crank your barbecue up and put a cast iron skillets directly over the heat and cook your onions and mushrooms, these will taste delicious. Wifey made the slaw earlier in the day, the usual white and red cabbage, carrots, onions and I like to put Worcestershire Sauce and a bit of Maple Syrup in the mix before adding mayonnaise, it makes all the difference.

Do not just throw a steak on a plate and launch the rest, slice the steaks against the grain, they are much more tender cut this way and arrange on a plate with the condiments and fries and enjoy the best steak you have ever me!

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