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First Cook On The Traeger Pro 22

Today is the day that we join the Traegerhood as I’m cooking on our Pro 22 today. Some of you may have read that I was planning on cooking a brisket (I know, for my first cook?) but it turned out that my brisket was a beef sirloin joint…..and a lean one at that! Still challenge accepted.

I decided to inject my beef with both flavour and a little fat so I made an injection from some home brewed Chocolate Coffee Porter, some extra virgin olive oil and some Cow Pat! I mixed this well and injected into the beef and 2” intervals. Next I cut small slits into the top of the beef and inserted garlic cloves then made up a slather of Dijon mustard and maple syrup and funnily enough slathered the beef, then coated it in Cow Pat from Angus & Oink. The whole thing was then wrapped in cling film and is now marinating in the fridge ready for when I get home this afternoon. It should take around three hours to smoke at 120 C and 45 minutes resting time.

I also have baby back ribs for this afternoon marinating in various rubs along with home made venison burgers from a Roe that we culled earlier this year. Feeling good about the cook I took some home cured and smoked bacon from the fridge that I had defrosted overnight only to discover it was pork steaks…..really! I need to start using my freezer stickers to label up the food in the freezer!

Nothing else for it but to prepare them to be Traegered! I slathered them in maple syrup, covered them in LumberjAxe Sweet Barbecue Rub and then just gave them a light coating of cracked black pepper, just for contrast. These are also now wrapped in cling film and marinating in the fridge. I think the Traeger is going to be put through its paces this afternoon, a real baptism of fire!

What a first cook on the Traeger Pro 22 pellet grill. Beef sirloin, baby back ribs, pork steaks, venison burgers and sausage. Cooked to perfection, lovely smoky flavour and to be honest the work was in prepping the meat, the Traeger takes care of itself.

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