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Flintstone Steak on The Weber Kettle

Technically not a steak this but it looks like one and it tasted even better! This huge beef rib roast took my eye and I couldn't leave it in the butchers so home it came and smoked it I did.

So first thing was to unwrap the meat and let it get to room temperature then light the barbecue so that whilst I'm prepping the pit gets up to temperature, though yesterday being so chilly outside it did need a bit of a boost. Then sprinkle ground sea salt on both sides of the beef allowing the salt to melt in before turning over. Once dissolved I then sprinkle garlic salt on one side as this adds to the umami flavour without really adding a garlic hit. Set this aside to soak up the salts and when the pit reached 130C I put it on the barbecue to smoke.

I then made up some garlic butter with a healthy grind of pepper and finely chopped mushrooms in it as this also adds to the umami flavour of the beef and basted the steak (let's call it that as it is easier) every 15 minutes or so to keep it moist, tender and full of flavour.

In the mean time I made a chimichurri of sorts using fresh coriander, chili infused olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic, the side of a red bell pepper, a good pinch of oregano and a teaspoon of sea salt. Again leave this on the side to mature. It was a tad on the hot side but I don't mind that with a fatty bit of meat.

The cook took just three hours at 145 Celsius and was cooked to medium with an internal temperature of 65 C and then rested for 30 minutes before eating. I served it with smashed potatoes and the chimichurri drizzled on top of the steak, was it delicious? Well there is none left!!

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