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Gourmet Burgers on The Monolith Junior Kamado

I am running a mini series of videos on our YouTube channel and this is the second one featuring the Gluten Free Burgers from GT Orsman Butchers as sold at The Barbecue Shack. There is a video of the plain burgers that I cooked but there isn't much to say about this as I wanted to taste the burgers on their own. Basically I cooked some burgers and ate them on toasted buns, video on our Youtube channel.

Still a gourmet burger is different only in as much as the trimmings that you place on the bun with the burger. In this instance I used lettuce, tomatoes, onions, gherkins and a nice burger sauce, I was going to melt some of our 50/50 sharp cheddar and mozzarella cheese mix on the pattie but I forgot, oh well no one is perfect.

So basically I light the Monolith Junior kamado barbecue and whilst it was reaching temperature I placed a plancha into it to heat up to cook the burgers and toast the buns then seasoned the burgers with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper. I placed these in the fridge whilst I prepared the onions, salad and buns.

Once the kamado was up to temperature I put oil on the plancha then placed the burgers on to sear and get some char on them. Once this had happened I flipped them then moved the burgers to a cooler side and placed the onions on to cook. Once these were ready I removed the onions and then toasted the buns that were spread with Mayonnaise, a real game changer for burgers. With the burgers cooked, onions cooked and the buns toasted I took them off the kamado and built the burgers. Lettuce first followed by some tomato then a layer of burger sauce. I then placed the burger itself followed by the sliced gherkins, another layer of burger sauce, then the fried onions, some more lettuce and the top bun. Eh voila, a delicious gourmet should try it.

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