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Grilled Marinated Pork Steaks

Now the current trend in barbecue is to take seventeen hours to cook a chicken staying up all night to feed the barbecue and pretending the outcome was fantastic when we all know it's dry and inedible! There is nothing wrong with a quick grill, especially when the outside temperature is in single figures.

So Sunday morning I made a coffee and noticed some pork steaks in the fridge. I had just read a post from Bertie Collins on the Country Wood Smoke forum on how she marinated her pork steaks and thought yes please so I decided to marinate these and yes, I was very glad that I did. So in the mix went sesame oil & seeds, maple syrup, rice wine, soy sauce, kecap manis, paprika (always), salt (just a large pinch) and I think that was it. I never measure, just what seems right. I placed the steaks in a zip lock bag along with the marinade, rubbed it in, sealed it off and placed back in the fridge for six hours or so.

So I set my grill up with the heat in the middle using my charcoal baskets, this allows me to grill over direct heat when I first put the steaks on and move to an indirect zone if the temperature starts to get away. As you see in the video I move the steaks constantly as one side got a bit of flame as the oil dropped on so charred the steaks nicely. I also move the steaks to the indirect zone as they approach the correct internal temperature, for pork steaks 62 C is fine and as they sit in the indirect zone they sweat on lose temp so I placed them back over the heat to set the glaze for just a minute or so before removing them and resting them.

I rested these for ten minutes under foil whilst dishing up then served them and tucked in. Yes they were as tasty as they looked. My wife makes a mean smashed potato which almost stole the show, almost but not quite!

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