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Is Your BBQ Ready for Winter?

There is no doubt that many of us use our barbecues less during the colder months that we do in the warmer months so is your barbecue storage ready?

How many times have we took the lid of our barbecue only to stare down at that lovely green mould that has grown on it because we didn't clean it after the last time we used it, plenty of times. We don't intend to leave it we just don't get around to cooking again (which is a sin) so when we do decide that with the sun shining we could have a quick cook our barbecues are not ready to cook.

It's good practice to clean your barbecue after each time you use it. I generally scrub the grill when it has cooled a bit (after I've eaten usually) just enough to get the big bits off. It's always good practice to empty the ash out of the barbecue this this time of year as when the ash gets damp it clumps up and turns solid. It can be a pain at the end of a party to clean your barbecue but try and make it good practice to clean it the following day.

We have a range of barbecue cleaning products available at The Barbecue Shack from simple grill scrubbers to a more useable cleaning system that has interchangeable heads along with powerful barbecue cleaning solution.

Another bit of good practice is to cover your barbecue during colder weather using a dedicated barbecue cover. These covers are generally made from high quality materials designed to fit your barbecue and will protect it from frosts as well as inclement weather.

If you don't have any of these items for looking after your beloved barbecue either call in and see us at The Barbecue Shack, order them off this web site or at the very least put them on your Christmas list.

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