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My BBQ / Cooking Knives

Knives are something we use all the time and I like many of you I'm guessing are quite particular about my knives, I keep mine in a knife roll and have forbidden anyone else to use them. We do of course have other knives in the kitchen for mortals to use but I keep mine clean, sharp and to myself!

As you can see there is a wide range of knives that I use and each has it's own purpose or purposes. Left to right then, I use the wide blade for fine chopping onions, parsley, coriander that sort of thing as the wide blade makes scooping the chopped product very easy. The large Santoku knife I use for carving and the small for chopping sprouts, spuds that sort of thing. The 8" Chefs knife is my favourite for slicing tomatoes, spring onions etc. and the 6" Santuko next to it was just to have a matched pair and again is used for chopping smaller items. The curved boning knife is funnily enough for boning, I find the curved version easier to use and then I have my pairing knife for peeling & cutting small spuds, carrots etc.

I feel that I have all angles covered with my knife collection, however I do have a custom made Chefs knife that I keep for special occasions, not sure why, it's just nice to use now and again!

To keep my knives sharp Chris bought me the Horl knife sharpening system which I do recommend. The magnetic block hold your blade at either 15 degrees for Japanese knives or 20 degrees for most knives and then you roll the sharpener coarse side first for the length of the blade then the fine side to polish the edge. It's a great system and I use it on all of my knives.

We have a small selection of knives at The Barbecue Shack but we are considering stocking a small selection of Flint & Flame knives with our logo on them, is this something you guys would be interested in?

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