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My First Jalapeno Poppers

As an avid watcher of our American cousins cooking in their backyards I have seen quite a few times them cooking a thing called 'Poppers'. If you have not come across these they are Jalapeno peppers that are emptied, stuffed with a cream cheese mix and wrapped in bacon (mmmm bacon). Also I this cook I thought it would be rude not to cook a few ribs and I think it was a shoulder of lamb!

The hot bits of a pepper or the membrane followed by the seeds so I removed all of that from the inside of the pepper and then filled with a bit of Fools Gold seasoned cream cheese, lovely. As you can see I then wrapped them with streaky bacon and smoked them on my barbecue. I smoked them for around half an hour when the bacon became nice and smoked and rested them for ten minutes or so as I didn't want the cream cheese to be volcanically hot.

Were they hot on the pallet? Some were, others were eye wateringly hot but also delicious. Would I make them again? Oh yes, these are on my favourite nibbles list.

Give them a go, I got my Jalapenos from South Devon Chilli Farm along with a few other varieties of chillies and of course the rest of the ingredients are easily available from your local store. I might try a similar thing but fill the large Portobello mushrooms with cream cheese and wrap them in bacon though in my youth mushroom poppers had an entirely different meaning but we won't go into that!

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