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Quick 'n Easy Home Made Burgers

Yesterday was one of those 'I need a burger' days. I don't get them very often but the smell of charred beef and toasted buns seems to be present in the air and we just happen to have some minced beef from J.J. Meats in the fridge that we needed to try, perfect. Check them out at

So how did I create my masterpieces? Easy really, grab some minced beef 80/20 meat to fat ratio (fat is I'm frickin' delicious!) and add a bit of what you like, only a bit or you need to start adding binders and I didn't have any. I put some Tubby Toms Wake the Dead rub in the mix, I was convinced I had onion but was wrong so a bit of finely chopped yellow bell pepper went in and tada, burger mix. I was going to use a plancha on the BBQ and do smash burgers but time was not on my side and I found some burger papers and my Charbroil press so made the burger patties at around 4.5 oz each.

Whilst I was making my delicious, tasty, juicy burgers I had the Monolith Junior light up getting to searing temperatures which fortunately doesn't take long ready for the burgers to be seared. What really makes the difference though is buns coated in mayonnaise and toasted on the grill, if you haven't tried this do it, your burger experience will elevate and you will always toast your burger buns this way in the future.

So the Monolith is up to temp and on go the burger patties, sear them off then add the buns to be toasted. I did leave one of the buns a fraction too long BUT this did not detract from the flavour. Minced anything, burgers sausage etc. really needs to hit 74 C internal (165 F) to be safe so when the patties were there the burgers were made and yes, they were full of flavour, tender, juicy, delicious and gone in seconds!

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