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Seasonal Barbecuing

So how many of you have wrapped up your barbecue for the winter thinking that this isn't barbecue weather? Well as far as we are concerned it is always barbecue weather and at home I have geared myself to cook all year round.

Why bother I hear you ask? Well for the love of cooking outside but most of all for the flavour, try as you might you cannot replicate that delicious, tender, smoky flavour that cooking outside delivers. Also being outside with a hot coffee (or a hot toddy) and a cigar tending to your pit, prepping a few sides and smoking that delicious meat or vegies still brings joy and the finished result is always worth it.

So by all means wrap up your barbecues (if you only have one you need to put another on your Christmas list) to protect them from adverse weather but don't neglect them until the spring, on a dry day unwrap one and light it up. Remember there is more to barbecue than burgers and sausage and whether you have a kettle style, a barrel style, a kamado or a Traeger there is a wealth of food that can be cooked, smoked, grilled or baked and the flavours, the experience and the end result are to be savoured.

If you are unsure what to cook or how to cook something different to burgers and sausage there is a wealth of knowledge in some excellent books (click here to view) or watch some videos on YouTube, I recommend Chudds Barbecue who did an excellent Webber Kettle series (coming 2023) and provides very good tuition as well as entertainment, on cooking a whole plethora of different foods on your barbecue.

So go on, give your barbecue and your family some love and cook outside whenever you can. You will be glad that you did and if you smoke this years Christmas turkey it will be the best turkey you ever this space!

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