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Smashing Smash Burgers

Apparently everyones favourite burger, the smash burger. They are definitely quick & easy and I guess if you add different ingredients such as cheese, onion, mushrooms etc. the smash option is easier as it will not fall apart on you on the grill. This sounds like I don't like them which is not so but I am fascinated by the fascination (do you like what I did there?) even though I tend to make smash burgers if I am cooking them as I make them.

The reason I made a smash burger this time was that I was cooking a Spatchcock Chicken on the Gas2Coal grill and fancied some lunch before the chicken would be cooked. I thought to myself 'This Gas2Coal grill has a side burner, I have cast iron and I also have beef mince from JJ Meats, some grated cheese, some soft buns, onions and mushroom, a jar of mayonnaise and some burger relish, I wonder what I could make'. No brainer really.....a smash burger.

So for those living in a cave you get some quality mince, add some seasoning and whatever else floats your boat, roll it into a ball the size of a tangerine, get your griddle or cast iron hot, add some oil, place your ball of deliciousness on the cast iron, cover with some grease-proof paper (shiny side down) to prevent the burger sticking to your smasher of choice and smash it down with anything flat. Get char on both sides then flip it regularly as it is thin and it needs to cook evenly. Whilst it is cooking cut your buns, spread mayonnaise over the cut side (do I need to tell you that) and when the burgers are cooked to 72 C internal take them off and place your buns mayo side down (I shouldn't have to tell you that) and toast until golden, should take a minute or so. Now build your burger with some lettuce (alright I didn't have any), tomato (okay so I didn't have those either), gherkins (I had them) and cheese (if you didn't already melt that on your burgers whilst cooking) and enjoy.

I have tried adding onions, mushrooms etc. to burgers that I then press in my burger press and freeze to be cooked at a later date, they fall apart so if you want to add these or other delicious ingredients, smash them!

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