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Smoked Chicken - It's a Wrap!

Well I seem to be getting into this cooking at work malarkey and it's daft not to video the cook and post it up for all to see. I have ordered some lights to improve picture quality in the inside prep area and a mic so I may do some voice over if I get bold. However I think you will get the gist of it and I will write the cook up below.

So first things first, skin the boneless chicken thighs and cube up, simple enough. Then cut up into chunks the red bell pepper, red onion (they are a bit sweeter) and mushrooms. You could use all sorts but for me, these are all I had! Put these in a bowl, add some oil, I use avocado as it is fairly neutral, a pinch (big pinch) of seasoning, I used the same seasoning as I used with the chicken, mix thoroughly cover and put in the fridge. I then peeled and sliced two cloves of garlic added them to the chick and made the marinade. For the marinade I use Traegers barbecue sauce, Angus & Oinks hot sauce and some cider vinegar to thin the sauce and provide a nice tang. Mix it thoroughly, add the chicken and garlic, cover and refrigerate for at least two hours, more if you can but chicken will take on flavour in just a couple of hours.

After that couple of hours I turned on the Traeger Ironwood 650 (our burn unit) and set the temperature for 140 C. Chicken will cook okay at higher temperatures but I like to get some smoke flavour on the chicken and the veg for half and hour before cranking the heat up to 175 C to finish them off. The Traeger only takes 10 or 12 minutes to reach temperature, I then took out the top rack as it wasn't required and put in Traegers Stainless Steel Grill Basket to prevent the veg and chicken dropping between the grill grates whilst still allowing smoke to reach them, ideal.

After letting the grill basket get up to temp I sprayed some avocado oil onto the surface to prevent the food sticking then added the veg to one side and then the chicken & garlic to the other side and left them to smoke for half an hour. Once the veg was 90% there I removed it from the Ironwood and cranked up the temp to 175 C, spread the chicken out mainly over the perforations to get smoke on them and let 'em smoke. As usual I cook to temperature so when the chicken temped 74C or above on my ThermoPro Instant read thermometer I took it off the heat and added the wraps to the grill for a couple of minutes to soften up.

Other than building the wraps (after warming up the veg) that was pretty much the cook day. Traegers make smoking, grilling & baking easy as I kept my eye on it with the Traeger app and as usual the food was delicious. Barbecuing, smoking, grilling your food over wood or charcoal really does add another dimension of flavour to your food so if you're not cooking outside at least twice a week you should be!

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