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Smoking A Turkey Crown - Part One

With Christmas just a month away I thought it would be a good idea to look at smoking turkeys. This mini series we will look at wet brining a turkey crown then smoking it on our Monolith Junior kamado. Next week we will dry brine (ish) a whole turkey then smoke it on our Traeger Ironwood 650, purely in the interest of good taste and deliciousness.

So first thing is to remove the crown from its packaging and trim off any excess bits of skin that will just burn up during the smoke process. Then add some warm water, just enough to dissolve the salt, into a container and then add the sea salt. I recommend that you use around 5% of the weight of the water that you will need to cover the cover the crown. Mix in thoroughly then add some cold water, up to around a third of the volume of the container. I then added coriander seeds, wild sage, rosemary (fresh or dried will be fine) a chopped up red onion, some crushed garlic cloves (use garlic powder if you don't have fresh) and then off camera ('cause I forgot whilst I was filming) some cider vinegar just to help open up the meat pores with a little acidity.

Why those particular herbs and veg? Well I could have just done a simple brine which essentially is salt, water and maybe some acidity with vinegar or lemon juice but I like to add layers of flavour to the turkey whenever I can but you do you. As long as there is sea salt you can then add whatever you like flavour wise.

Once all this has been added and mixed well you then add the turkey, once the turkey is in the container simply top up the container to cover the turkey. It is always best to ensure that your turkey will be filly submerged in your container and that there is enough brine to cover the turkey (or whatever you are brining). Now leave this in the fridge, or somewhere cold (below 8 C) for the next 24 hours before draining, patting dry, seasoning and smoking!

Part Two will hopefully be uploaded tomorrow where we will show you the seasoning and smoking process!

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