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Steak & Bacon Baguettes

One of the benefits of owning a barbecue destination is that we eat like kings. Whilst prepping these blogs and videos I do of course actually cook the food and well, it would be rude not to make sure that it isn't the best food we could possibly make so we have to eat it!!

So today I light the barbecue (yes the kamado again but they are very good when the outside temperature is in single figures) and the went to the fridge! Chris had brought in a freshly baked baguette so it would need to be something that I could fit in that and hey presto, there was steak....and home cured bacon (I forgot I had that in the fridge) along with an onion and a tomato. Do the maths and tada, Steak & Bacon Baguettes seemed the order of the day.

So I let the steak warm to room temperature then seasoned with sea salt and I usually use garlic powder but I'm out so I used fresh ground black pepper instead. Then I sliced some decent slices of home cured bacon, you really need to do this as it is sooo much better than most shop bought bacon. I chopped my onion, sliced and chopped the garlic and then seasoned the bacon and anions & garlic with some Tubby Toms Smoky BBQ Dust because why not.

In the mean time the Monolith Junior had heated up so I placed the cast iron on the grill and added some oil (should have done this just before adding the steak) and let it get hot, searing hot. When above 400 C I added the steak and seared both sides for around a minute each to get that lovely bark (that's why the oil is dark) and the added the bacon. Once the bacon was cooked I removed that and when the steak was at 53 C internal I removed it and set it aside to rest for 5 minutes or so. Next on with the onions and garlic and cook until translucent again five minutes or so.

In the mean time I sliced the baguette and spread mayonnaise on them and toasted them on the Monolith, a step you must always do as it makes the whole sandwich taste sooo much better. With the steak rested I sliced it cutting against the grain NOT with it and then cut the bacon into strips. I added both to a baguette with a bit of burger sauce, added onions & garlic and some sliced tomato (we have to remain healthy) placed the top on and scoffed the lot. Yes it was juicy, tender, tasty and worth the effort, even on a cold February lunchtime.

Now don't give me that 'When the Spring comes' shite, get your barbecue out or better still get in the shop and buy the barbecue that you know you want and start eating delicious, tender, smokey, succulent food now, not in a few months time as you are missing out!!

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