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Steaks From a Topside of Beef

"What?" I hear you cry. "Why?" I also hear people crying. Why not I say. My Father-in-Law insists on buying meat from dubious sources and bringing it home for me to deal with, almost like a challenge! He brought home a large topside of beef and presented it to me stating that he thinks we could get minute steaks from it. "Wait a minute" says I (get it) I think we can do better than that so I cut half hour steaks from it instead!

So what do I mean by half hour steaks? I like to smoke my steaks low and slow to get them to an internal of around 52 Celsius which usually takes around twenty minutes. Once at this temperature I like to rest the steaks under some aluminium foil to allow them to relax and get the juices back in to the steak before searing them. Whilst resting get your barbecue nice and hot and sear for around 45 seconds to a minute per side directly over the hot coals to give them that lovely Maillard reaction that adds so much flavour. If you are feeling brave take your grill off and put them directly onto freshly raked coals, this adds another dimension. Once cooked I always slice my steaks against the grain (I think it is a criminal offence to slice with the grain) before serving so that people don't cut it wrong and then moan that there steak is tough. This way the steak is always served correctly and tender.

As you can see I also cooked some Hasselback Potatoes on the grill alongside some 'shrooms and onions which is a must for steaks in my opinion. Why no sauce? My steaks don't need it!!

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