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Traegering at The Barbecue Shack

So today (Friday 17th June) we have a live cook going on at The Barbecue Shack, a nice little brisket and around lunchtime some chicken drummers and wings because why not. The smoke is happening on our Traeger Pro 575 (yes we could of had a bigger one but we don't need it) using local butcher Cox & Laflin meat and Tubby Toms rubs as have just had these in and we haven't used them yet (they smell delicious).

there will be constant updates throughout today (if you are reading this on the 17th June) else this is the whole post if you are reading it after....should be interesting!

The first thing I did this morning was take the brisket out of the fridge to reach room temperature, a cold brisket will drop your pit temp in a heartbeat plus a warm brisket takes the rubs better. I then turned the Traeger Pro 575 on and set it to 135 C or 275 F. Yes I know the Yanks cook at 225 F but that was until they realised that it cooked just as well and a bunch quicker at 275 or even 300F. I then slathered the meat side with yellow mustard (you don't taste this after four hours of smoking) to take the rub into the meat better and used Tubby Toms Cowa Bunga rub on the meat side to add beefy umami flavours to the beef and let it set for five minutes. I then slathered the fat cap and used Tubby Toms Wake the Dead on the fat cap. This is because it has coffee and smokey chipotle in it which should give it a lovely dark, crispy bark.

It's now sitting in the Traeger smoking away at 135 Celsius and will be joined around midday by a bunch of chicken drummers and wings, I can't wait!

Lunchtime update - nearly there.

The wings had a slather of avocado oil then Cuca Racha rub from Tubby Toms whilst the drumsticks also got avocado oil they received Magic Dust again from Tubby Toms. They have been on the Traeger Pro for around 45 mins at 135 C with the Traeger pumped up to 150 C to finish them off (the brisket was wrapped by this point) and they are looking delicious and cooked.

As you can see the smaller items like wings and drummers were placed on the Traeger on cooling racks so that they can be put in, taken out and turned and put back in very quickly so I don't have to have the lid of the Traeger open too long. A great tip that saves a lot of heat and panic!

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