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Whole Turkey Smoked on The Traeger Ironwood 650

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Hopefully you have read how I brined this turkey using mayonnaise with a heavy dose of sea salt & ground black pepper ready for this cook, is it a method I would use again? Jury is out on that one!

Any how the day started with turning on the Ironwood, not very arduous really, just set your temperature and press start, tada! Whilst this was getting up to temperature I removed the brined turkey from the fridge and pondered whether or not to dust it with Angus & Oinks Meat Tinsel as I did with the crown (which was bloody lovely) but decided against it as I wanted to see if the mayonnaise imparts any flavour. However once the pellet smoker was up to temp and I placed the turkey into the Ironwood I changed my mind and added some Meat Tinsel, personally I wish I hadn't as I think it came across a bit strong with the mayonnaise but my family begged to differ.

Anyway as Usual I get the grill higher than I intend to cook as placing cold products into the grill lowers the temperature so once the turkey was in I lowered the temp from 135 to 110 Celsius to give this turkey chance to get some smoke on it as the mayonnaise rendered down over the bird. I then made up a spritz of scotch whiskey and apple cider vinegar and after around 40 minutes I spritzed the turkey every 15 to 20 minutes with just a fine spritz of the mix. After an hour or so I turned the bird to ensure that all of the bird was getting a decent amount of coating from the spritz mix. When the internal breast temp reached around 68 Celsius after a couple of hours I raised the temperature of the Ironwood via the app to 130 Celsius to crisp the skin up a bit. In hindsight I should have raised it to 160 Celsius as the skin didn't really get crispy but hey ho, I'll know for next time.

A fairly uneventful cook as you would imagine with a Traeger, it does the job without fuss and it does impart a nice light smoke, I used Hickory pellets for this smoke and it was just the right amount of smoke. So how did it turn out? Okay is the proper answer. It was juicy and tender, better than anything I've cooked in my fan assisted oven but I found the flavour of the Meat Tinsel a bit overpowering as it was put onto the mayonnaise rather than direct onto the meat. I wish I had turned the temperature up a lot more for the last 15 minutes just to crisp up and brown up the skin. and I did forget to truss the bird up before smoking it, one to remember for next time! So will there be a next time? Probably as I want to get this right but next week I'm smoking the Christmas Ham!

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