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Power Station Traeger.png

So you want a Traeger Pellet Grill, a Masterbuilt Gravity Series or Konnected Joe (as you realise your gas grill has no joy) but your barbecue patio has no power....tada buy one of our Power Stations, problem solved.

Not only that when you go on the moors for the day take your Sage Bambino and plug it into your Power Station and enjoy freshly made espresso or lattes throughout the day, now there's a huge bonus! Or if you are into that other stuff, I think it's called tea (?) you can take a kettle (if you really must).


Both packs have multiple power outlets so you can charge phones, listen to music and both have a powerful light for when it gets dark. There are not many reasons to not have one!

Due to the power packs nature we are unable to ship at present times so store pickup only I'm afraid, select this option else a huge postage fee will appear!