Angus & Oink - Sweet Bones & Butts

Angus & Oink - Sweet Bones & Butts


Sweet Bones & Butts BBQ rub, yes sir-eee!! A&O has been working on this monumental rub for a year, sourcing ingredients, balancing flavour with colour and sweetness. A blend of the the finest sugars found on Earth this run has Maple Sugar and Javanese dark richness mixed up in a rub that delivers what those bones need. Sweet Bones & Butts puts out on the colour of money and the caramel of delicious bone candy. A tool in the locker for making those bones sing then glaze those ribs with Glazed & Confused for the ultimate prize fighting rack.

  • Great with Pork & Chicken

  • Gluten Free

Sold in 200g shaker jars