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The Barbecue Shack School of Fire

Supported by Cox & Laflin

Design Your Own Barbecue Class

Cox & Laflin Local Butchers

A BBQ School With A Difference - what is so different about our BBQ School, our School of Fire? Well we have decided that we will build the school and the classes around you. What the 2023 season taught us was that quite a few people wanted to attend the classes that we put on but couldn't make the dates that we had set them for. Some could make the date but didn't want the class that we had scheduled so with this in mind we have decided to let you guys design the class and set a date.

How will it work? Well we have a minimum of three and a maximum of six per class, you and a minimum of two mates and up up to five friends come up with at least two Saturdays that you could attend a class and let us know what you would like to learn at that class. For example you might all want to concentrate on Low n Slow smoking or Smash Burgers, Fajitas & wings or setting up your barbecue and cooking steaks and veg. We can run on a kamado, a kettle, a Traeger, a Masterbuilt, a Gozney Dome or a Roccbox, a DeleVita outdoor oven or maybe even a Char-Broil Gas2Coal if I put enough pressure on our Chefs (but don't hold your breath). Within reason we can tailor the class to your needs with your style of barbecue to run on a Saturday or an evening maybe during British Summer Time. So have a word with your mates, come up with a class and a few dates that you would all like to attend and ask us to put on a class.

"How much?" I hear you cry. Well for a Saturday Class the fee is £400 for a five hour class whether that be three of you or six of you. For an evening three hour session the fee is £250 for the class again whether that be three of you or six of you. The class is yours when paid for, we will not be adding extra people into the class unless you ask us to which we will happily advertise but cannot guarantee additional attendees. Once you have an idea for a class either pop in, phone us on 01626 834233 or email with your requirements and we will do our best to put a class on for you.

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